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Cable and Connector Glossary

Confused by all of the ports and cables on the back of your TV or Slingbox? Here's an illustrated glossary.
The input
is called:
Also called: The connection
(also called the "port")
looks like this:
The cable
looks like this:
HDMI input --- HD_Connect_Port_2.jpg HDMI_1.gif Used with high-end video devices. This connector is only found on the Slingbox 500. The cable also carries sound.
Component inputs --- component_port-img.jpg component_cable-img.jpg Used with high-end video devices. These kind of devices split video colors into their components: green, blue and red. The cables carry no sound, so they're used with analog or digital audio cables.
Composite inputs RCA connection composite_port-img.jpg composite_cable-img.jpg The white is for the left audio, the red is for the right audio, and the yellow is for video.
Cable TV input Coaxial, coax, or co-ax connection coax_connection-img.jpg coax_cable-img.jpg Used to connect to basic analog cable service.
Audio inputs Analog audio ports
audio_only-port-img.jpg audio_only_cables-img.jpg These are used for analog audio-only connections. White is for left audio, red is for right audio.
SPDIF digital audio Also called S/PDIF digital audio SPDIF_port-img.jpg SPDIF_cable-img.jpg Orange connectors, used on high-end audio and audio/video devices for digital audio. SPDIF stands for "Sony/Philips Digital Interface." Used on many other brands as well.
S-video input --- S-Video_port-img.jpg S-Video_cable-img.jpg An S-video connection produces higher quality video. S-video connections carry no sound.You can use an S-video connection in combination with an audio connection.
USB port




USB_Cable_1.png The USB port on the Slingbox 500 is used for the My Media, SlingSync, and SlingProjector features. See the article linked below for more information. The USB port is used by the SlingCatcher for an external drive. While it may be present on other Slingbox models, it is not currently used.
Mini-A/V input Mini-RCA connection mini_av_connection-img.jpg mini_av_plug-img.jpg Many video cameras have this kind of connection.Typically, they have a composite connection on the other end.
Port for the HD Connect cable on the Slingbox PRO --- HD_Connect_Port_2.jpg HD_Connect-img.jpg This connector on the Slingbox PRO is for the Slingbox HD Connect cable only (shown here, but not to scale), which is used to connect the Slingbox PRO to an HD source. It is not intended to accommodate an HDMI connection.

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