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Network speed requirements for SlingPlayer for iPad

Want to get the most from SlingPlayer for iPad? Here are the requirements for network speed (sometimes called "bandwidth").

The greater the network speed, the better your viewing experience will be. You can check the speed using a third-party network speed test app. These apps help you determine if the connection speed (or throughput) is sufficient for viewing on your device.

Three types of network speeds

There are three types of network speeds to consider.

  • Upload: how fast your home network's router sends data out to the Internet
  • 3G/4G download: how fast the 3G/4G (mobile) network in the area you're currently in can receive data from the Internet
  • Wi-Fi download: how fast the Wi-Fi (wireless) network that your iPad is currently connected to can receive data from the Internet

Remember: Many different variables can cause your current Wi-Fi and 3G/4G network speeds to vary.


Upload speeds (minimum)

3G/4G or Wi-Fi / Standard quality (SQ mode)
500 Kbps
3G/4G / High quality
800 Kbps
Wi-Fi / High quality 1200 Kbps
Wi-Fi / High quality (Slingbox PRO-HD)
600 Kbps
Wi-Fi / High quality (Slingbox SOLO)
800 Kbps

Note: When connecting to a newer Slingbox such as the Slingbox 500 or Slingbox 350, the Auto quality setting will achieve the highest quality video for your bandwidth. With older boxes, you must set the quality setting to HQ to achieve the highest quality video, provided you have sufficient bandwidth.


With upload speeds, the higher the number, the faster your home network can push data to the Internet. That's great for Slingbox video quality!

The flip side: slow upload speeds can cause poor quality video. Your iPad may have a fast download connection (see below). But if your home network's upload speed is poor, then video and audio quality are going to suffer, no matter how good your current download speed is.

3G/4G download speeds (minimum)

Standard quality (SQ mode)
500 Kbps
High quality (Auto or HQ mode)
800 Kbps

Some iPad models can connect to mobile data, or 3G/4G connections. If the upload speed from your home network is good, and your 3G connection speed is good too, then your video quality should be very good.

Connection not so good? Try moving closer to a window, or going outside (but no guarantees).

Wi-Fi download speeds (minimum)

Standard quality (SQ mode)
500 Kbps
High quality (Auto or HQ mode)
1200 Kbps

All iPads can connect to local Wi-Fi networks. A good home network upload speed, plus a good download speed for the Wi-Fi network you're currently connected to, should mean excellent video and audio quality.

Connection not so good? Try moving closer to the source of the Wi-Fi signal.

How do I know what my upload/download speeds are?

In Standard Quality (SQ) mode, SlingPlayer for iPad tells you what its streaming speed is. Look in the lower left corner.


  • Upload speed: Your Internet service provider can tell you what your service is. Some ISP web sites (as well as broadband information sites) offer "speed tests" that you can perform.
  • Download speed (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G): Take a look at the article link below.

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