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What to do if your router is not near your Slingbox

Is your Slingbox in a different room from your home network's router? A powerline adapter, or a wireless ethernet bridge, may be the solution that you're looking for.

Powerline adapters and wireless ethernet bridges are devices that you can use to connect your Slingbox to your home network's router ... without having to run wires or drill holes.

What's a powerline adapter?

A powerline adapter uses your home's AC wiring as a big "network" to transmit data ... without affecting your electrical service in any way. They're simple, easy to use, and work well.

Sling Media recommended powerline adapters

Sling Media no longer sells the SlingLink powerline adapter, but take a look at the Works great with Slingbox link below to see some that we recommend.

The right powerline adapter for you depends on your components and configuration, but the main things to look for are:

  • Data Rate: Sling Media recommends at least 200 Mbps;
  • Ports: Make sure you get a powerline adapter model with enough ethernet ports for your needs.

What's a wireless ethernet bridge?

A wireless ethernet bridge uses Wi-Fi to make the connection between your Slingbox and your home network's router. They're sold singly, or in pairs. They're sometimes called Wireless home theater networking kits or Universal Wi-Fi adapters.

  • If you already have Wi-Fi in your house, a single Wi-Fi bridge unit can connect your Slingbox to your existing Wi-Fi network.
  • If you don't have Wi-Fi, a pair of wireless bridges can work together to create a Wi-Fi network that sends/receives data between your Slingbox and your home network's router.

Sling Media recommended wireless ethernet bridges

Take a look at the Works great with Slingbox link below to see what we recommend.

For more information ...

Click the links below to learn more about this technology with our support articles and videos ... or by visiting the product websites.

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Works great with Slingbox

Interested in "third-party" products that work well with your Slingbox ... such as powerline network and Wi-Fi solutions? Take a look here.

Using "bridges" when your Slingbox and your router are in different rooms

You can use a Homeplug adapter or a wireless bridge to span the gap between your Slingbox and your router.

Links to other product sites

Netgear Powerline Adapters

This page links to the current line up of Netgear Powerline adapter products.

ActionTec Powerline Adapters

This links you to ActionTec's homepage with information on the current lineup of powerline adapters.

Netgear wireless bridges

This page links to the current line up of Netgear wireless bridge products.

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