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SlingCatcher Technical Archive

Solving problems with Internet Viewing when using SlingCatcher or SlingPlayer

If you CAN connect to your Slingbox with Watch on, but NOT with SlingPlayer on your mobile devices nor with SlingCatcher, follow these suggestions below.

Working with viewing formats

Videos and movies are created and shown in differing screen formats, such as widescreen, letterbox, pillarbox, and others. You can adjust SlingPlayer to display the format that best suits your needs.

How to create a guest account and Slingbox password for guests

Would you like to create a guest account and Slingbox password for use by your family members and friends? This article shows you how!

A non-technical explanation of DHCP

This article explains DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in simple language.

Cable and Connector Glossary

Confused by all of the ports and cables on the back of your TV or Slingbox? Here's an illustrated glossary.

Can I use an IR Extender to extend the range of the remote control for a SlingCatcher? Can I use one with a Slingbox?

IR Extenders are used to extend the range of handheld remote controls. This article explains which Sling Media hardware can be used with them.

File Playback and Conversion FAQ For SlingCatcher

This article explains what files and formats are playable by SlingCatcher’s "My Media" application (note that "My Media" in this context is not the same as the feature supported by the Slingbox 500). It also provides guidelines on how to create or convert files that will play on SlingCatcher.

When I connect my set-top box to my TV with HDMI connections, I can't stream video at all using any version of SlingPlayer. Why?

If you have video equipment that connects to your TV using an HDMI cable and you try to stream, you may get extremely poor or no video using Watch on, SlingPlayer for Windows or SlingPlayer for Mac. Here's the reason and a way to fix it.

Set Up Video: Configuring your SlingCatcher

Learn how to configure your new SlingCatcher in this second part of the SlingCatcher Setup video.

Set Up Video: SlingCatcher Hook Up

The first part of the SlingCatcher Setup video where we see what comes in the box with the SlingCatcher and hook it up to our TV.

What's a router?

It's a question you shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask! Many folks with home networks aren't sure either.

A slow Internet connection at home can affect picture quality when using Internet Viewing

You need high-speed Internet (broadband) service at home in order to get quality video when viewing over the Internet. Upload speed is especially important.

SlingCatcher: Basic Troubleshooting

Here are some of the most common symptoms and solutions for SlingCatcher troubles.

I used to be able to control my TV with SlingPlayer or Watch on Now it doesn't work. What's wrong?

Here are some things to check if this happens to you!

When I watch using Watch on or SlingPlayer, the colors are all wrong. Sometimes, the picture is mostly green. What should I do?

Here's what you need to do to fix this. It's very simple.

Your Slingbox works fine until you turn on your TV. Then suddenly, there's no video in SlingPlayer.

You've got your Slingbox hooked up to your set-top box and everything else is connected. All is well until you turn on your TV. SlingPlayer then stops showing video for no apparent reason.

What's an ethernet bridge?

Curious what an ethernet (or network) bridge is?

What is the difference between a public and private IP address?

Public and private IP (Internet Protocol) addresses ... sometimes called "external" and "internal" IP addresses ... both exist for the same reason: to provide unique identification to every device on a network.

Some help fixing problems when your SlingCatcher screen is black

Usually this is because your SlingCatcher is set to a resolution that your TV doesn't support. Here's some help.

Configuring a Logitech Harmony remote for SlingCatcher

Got a Logitech Harmony remote control? Here's how you can set it up to work with your SlingCatcher.

I'm getting a "SlingCatcher is unable to connect to your home network" error

Having problems connecting to your home network when you're setting up your SlingCatcher?

Technical specs for SlingCatcher, SlingProjector, and SlingSync/My Media

Here are tech specs for the SlingCatcher, SlingProjector, and SlingSync/My Media products.

Did you get an "Unable to display dialog" error when installing SlingCatcher Desktop software?

If you got an "Unable to display dialog" error when installing SlingCatcher Desktop software, here's what you can do to fix things.

Did you get an "Ordinal 248" error when installing SlingCatcher Desktop software?

If you got an "Ordinal 248" error when installing SlingCatcher Desktop software, here's what you can do to fix things.

Can I stream HD from my Slingbox PRO-HD to my SlingCatcher?

Yes, you can stream higher definition video from your PRO-HD to a SlingCatcher. While it's not true HD, it's higher quality than standard definition.

How do I manually change the Slingbox video resolution in the SlingCatcher interface?

Instructions for manually adjusting the resolution of video streaming from your Slingbox to your SlingCatcher.

How do I install software updates for the SlingCatcher?

When I use SlingCatcher, there’s a message on my TV screen that says that there is new software available. What is this and how do I install it?

Disconnecting a USB storage device from SlingCatcher

You don't need to "eject" a USB storage device before disconnecting it from SlingCatcher.

Here are all of the commands for SlingCatcher's remote control

SlingCatcher's remote control has a number of "hidden" commands. Here are all of them and how to use them.

How do I disconnect a Slingbox using SlingCatcher?

There are two ways to disconnect from the Slingbox you are watching with the SlingCatcher SlingPlayer software.

After updating SlingCatcher Desktop, SlingProjector Performance and Options settings are improperly set

I just updated SlingCatcher Desktop, and now the Performance and Options settings within SlingProjector are wrong. What can I do?

All my 16:9 content from DVB-T channels show up as 4:3 on my TV when watched through the SlingCatcher

The SlingCatcher can get the aspect ratio wrong when watching some content coming from the built-in DVB-T tuner in the Slingbox PRO sold in Europe. Here are some fixes.

How to connect SlingCatcher to a NAS device or shared PC/Mac folder

Want to connect a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device or a PC/Mac shared folder to your SlingCatcher? Here's how.

I have a file that won't play on SlingCatcher with My Media software. What can I do?

Here are some suggestions for dealing with files that won't play using SlingCatcher's My Media software.

How SlingSync encodes files (for advanced users)

If you want to know what goes on "under the hood" when SlingSync encodes files, here you go. If this is all gibberish to you, that's okay ... this is for advanced users.

Will the SlingCatcher remote control act as a universal remote?

This article explains how to program SlingCatcher's remote so that it can control your other devices.

Troubleshooting problems with USB drives connected to SlingCatcher

Here are some helpful tips on how to get a difficult USB drive to work as an external drive on your SlingCatcher.

Is your PC powerful enough for SlingProjector?

The first thing to check: whether your computer has what SlingProjector needs.

My computer freezes when I use SlingProjector

If SlingProjector causes your computer to become unresponsive, look here for some help.

My recorded files don't seem to have any audio

Here are some reasons why you may not hear what your files are playing.

SlingCatcher's remote is incorrect in SlingPlayer. Is there anything I can do?

You've connected your SlingCatcher to your Slingbox and gone though the Setup Assistant. After all that, the wrong remote appears in SlingPlayer. Why does this happen?

My SlingCatcher won't stream at speeds above 200-300 Kbps. It's also slow to respond to remote control commands. What can I do about this?

Unless you've updated the SlingCatcher Software ("firmware"), some network software may interfere with the SlingCatcher's ability to stream video at high speed. We've seen this problem when a computer on your home network has "Network Magic" or "Linksys EasyLink Advisor" (LELA) software installed.

Programming the Sling Media remote control colored buttons

Here are nstructions for how to use and program the colored buttons on your SlingCatcher remote control.

Setting up your SlingCatcher using a static IP address

When you set up SlingCatcher for the first time, you must use DHCP. After your SlingCatcher is set up, you can change its settings to use a static IP address. Here's how to do this.

Resetting your SlingCatcher

If other troubleshooting methods don't work, you may need to reset your SlingCatcher. Here's how.

Slingbox firmware must be up-to-date to work with SlingCatcher

For best results with your SlingCatcher, keep your Slingbox firmware up-to-date. Here's why.

SlingCatcher error codes

Are you getting an error when using SlingCatcher?

SlingCatcher Desktop installation error: "A problem occurred during hardware installation..."

I tried to install SlingCatcher Desktop, and I got the error, "A problem occurred during hardware installation...." What do I do?

SlingCatcher is taking FOREVER to scan my USB hard drive

Here are some reasons why this may be happening and how to work around the problem in the future.

SlingCatcher freezes after streaming video from a Slingbox for a long time

We are aware of an issue with the SlingCatcher freezing after streaming video for a long time. Here are some details.

SlingCatcher Remote Explained

Here is a tour of the SlingCatcher remote control.

SlingCatcher: Video quality from my Slingbox is poor or audio/video sync is off

This article explains what may cause poor video quality or problems with the audio and video not syncing correctly.

Having performance problems with SlingProjector?

SlingProjector performance not up to par? Here's some help.

SlingProjector background application doesn't shut down with Windows Vista

I'm using SlingProjector with Windows Vista, and the background application won't shut down after I exit SlingProjector. What do I do?

SlingProjector projection region is always 640x480

When I use SlingProjector, the projection region is always 640x480. What do I do?

SlingProjector can lose the video selection window

Using SlingProjector to project video from a web browser other than Windows Internet Explorer 7 can cause the SlingProjector selection window to disappear when the video is finished playing.

What do I do if the SlingCatcher firmware update fails?

Having problems updating SlingCatcher firmware? Here are some steps to take.

What’s going on when I change video zoom modes?

Here is what the video zoom modes mean in SlingCatcher.

What do the lights on the front of the SlingCatcher mean?

Here's what the lights on the front of your SlingCatcher are telling you.

Uninstalling SlingProjector using the "SlingCatcher Desktop" entry

If you want to uninstall SlingProjector, you should look in the Windows Add or Remove Programs control panel. There, you'll see an entry for "SlingCatcher Desktop."

All about your Sling Account

Here's basic information on what your Sling Account can do for you.

Download the SlingCatcher User Guide

Product specifications and safety guidelines for the SlingCatcher.

Internet Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality

Sometimes when you're watching your TV with your Slingbox, you wish that the picture quality could be better. What to do?

Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?

Confused about which versions of the SlingPlayer software work with your Slingbox? Here's a helpful guide to compatibility.

What's a network?

Let's talk about networks. You might be asking yourself, "How do I know if I have a network in my home?" Good question!

What's port forwarding/port mapping?

How does SlingPlayer connect to your Slingbox when you're out and about and you want to watch your TV? It uses a technique called port forwarding.

What's a Slingbox ID? (Also known as "Finder ID" or "Slingbox Finder ID")

Here's what the Slingbox ID is, and how you can find yours.


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